Alistair hears something of interest and Jennifer finds facing the reality of moving difficult

Radio Times: Jennifer’s heart breaks and Jazzer inadvertently leads a friend down a dark path

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  • As Alistair attends to an injured pig, Jazzer offers his own cynical perspective on the fete. Alistair is not looking forward to his role amongst the pets. Jazzer mentions his recent wins betting on the football results; Alistair suddenly sounds alert when Jazzer mentions that his brother has a red-hot tip for Felpersham Races.
  • Debbie spends time with Helen and the children at the tea room, where Emma asks her to sign the petition about the affordable houses. Debbie refuses as she no longer lives in Ambridge, so Emma considers using the fete to gather support. If the fete is to be covered by the Echo, maybe she could even get some coverage there. afterwards she apologises to Fallon for having raised the matter, but Fallon has wedding arrangements uppermost in her mind. She and Harrison are delaying their honeymoon; Emma muses that marrying twice did have the advantage of two honeymoons.
  • Debbie tells Jennifer about her visit, then suggests that they look online at some properties. Jennifer is adamant that selling is the right thing to do – until she actually looks at smaller properties. Then she dissolves in tears. It will be such a wrench to leave the house in which she has spent so many years.

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