Toby is anxious, Pip is fed up, Tony is generous, Johnny is delighted and Ruth is overjoyed

Radio Times: There’s an emergency for Toby and Johnny is touched by an act of kindness

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  • Toby finds Pip staring at her phone and assumes it’s to do with the imminent birth, though Pip is quick to refute this and complains about the heat, the long wait for the baby and allied matters. Toby is on edge and when Pip feels a twinge, decides to abandon the distillery to his new assistant Stan. Pip has further contractions, and Toby insists on taking her home
  • Because of the combine breakdown, Adam needs to apologise to Ruth for not starting to combine their wheat until tomorrow. He adds that he is even more sorry that she has decided to stand down as Ruairi’s attorney. Ruth is brittle in her response but does suggest that they actually ask Ruairi what he thinks.
  • Johnny helps Tony store a delivery of cattle feed and they discuss Tom’s Nuffield report. Johnny thinks he should have planned his year better. Johnny adds that he thinks there will be no job for him once Tom’s plans come to fruition – and anyway, he’d prefer to work with livestock. He talks enviously about Freddie’s plans, adding that Freddie had offered to help him with money if he was to come along too. Johnny’s mum has offered help, and Tony is quick to say that they will help him too; it’s only fair. Johnny is overjoyed.
  • Toby brings Pip home, where Ruth shows motherly concern, managing to ignore Toby completely as he displays his encyclopaedic knowledge of childbirth. It appears that Pip’s contraction are false ones, so Toby goes back to the gin plant. And when Pip asks Ruth to be with her for the birth, Ruth is delighted. There is no-one Pip would rather have.

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