Alistair resorts to desperate measures. Emma decides to see a solicitor.

Radio Times: Alistair bends the rules.

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  • Caught in a shower on her way back from Honeysuckle Cottage, Emma is delighted when Shula stops to give her a lift in the new car she’s just picked up from the garage. Emma tells Shula how much she likes working for Ian and Adam, and how good Ian is with George. Shula sympathises over the fact that George is in Tenerife with Will.
  • Matt increases the pressure on Alistair, who might have found a solution to his predicament. He thinks he could take a litre of blood from the horse, extract the red corpuscles by means of a centrifuge, then re-inject them on the day of the race. That should increase the horse’s performance, but be undetectable. Alistair is worried that the news will leak out, but Matt assures him it won’t.
  • Ed takes Emma to the Bull for a drink and a pizza, but all she can think of is why Rosie hasn’t phoned with news of George. They notice Alistair downing a double whisky at great speed, and when Ed picks up a £10 note that he’s dropped, Alistair is very short with him.
  • Having summoned Dutch Courage, Alistair arrives at the stable, but is still very nervous. He takes the blood, and Matt says that if the horse does well, he will offset some of Alistair’s debt – but he won’t say how much.
  • At last Rosie rings, and Emma is comforted to hear that George is fine. But she’s decided that they must see a solicitor before other things go in Will’s favour. Ed tries to protest, but Emma’s determined.
  • Alistair arrives home to find an excited Daniel enthusing over Shula’s new car. Alistair erupts in a blaze of unreasoned anger, and tells Shula she had no business spending the money. Shula tries to calm him down, but Alistair storms out.

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