Oliver’s dairy project takes shape. Carly leaves Ambridge.

Radio Times: Caroline finds a mystery customer.

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  • Oliver’s in good spirits; there is sufficient demand for organic milk, so his project looks like taking off. Caroline’s spirits are somewhat less high. Trevor Hopkins is proving to be a difficult customer to bargain with over the Bull, and Lynda is driving her mad at work.
  • Carly has returned to Grange Farm with her social worker, to clear all her belongings ready for her return home. Oliver gives her a hand, and when the moment for goodbyes comes, both he and Caroline realise they will miss her. Carly says she’s enjoyed being there, and that when she’s rich and famous, she’ll stay at Grey Gables. She gives Caroline a hug.
  • Ed helps David with a concreting job. Monty the Muntjac managed to leave hoofprints all over the patch David did earlier. Ed tells David how hard it’s proving to find a solicitor to help them who will do legal aid work.
  • When Ed hears about Oliver’s dairy herd, he’s delighted. They will go to Bristol tomorrow to look at a herd of Guernseys. Oliver will take advice from the milk hygiene board, and ask Ruth and David to take a look, too.
  • Caroline has a strange phone call from Peggy. Someone she and Jack know might be interested in the Bull, and a meeting has been set up for tomorrow.

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