Lilian finds an investment opportunity. Oliver finds some heifers. Ed can’t find a solicitor.

Radio Times: Sid gets a fairy godmother.

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  • Alan and Usha are out collecting sponsorship for Alan’s abseil of the church tower, though Usha’s fitness is rather greater than Alan’s. Not only that, he’s getting very cold feet about it.
  • Sid, Jolene and Caroline meet at the Bull to see the prospective buyer, who turns out to be none other than Lilian. She’s been looking for an investment opportunity for a while, and her nostalgia for her childhood at the Bull has convinced her that this is it. She has a good look round, and makes Caroline an offer. Lilian leaves for a hair appointment, and the three concerned express their relief that at last things seem to be working out.
  • Oliver and Ed travel to Bristol to look at Guernseys. They like what they see, and Oliver intends to buy some in-calf heifers, with a view to calving them in July ready for organic milk production in the Autumn. Ed is delighted. He asks Oliver about legal aid solicitors, but Oliver thinks he’d be unlikely to get anywhere.
  • Sid is worried that Matt might try to interfere with Lilian’s investment, but Jolene thinks anything would be better than Trevor Hopkins, and in any case, Lilian is more than a match for Matt. They agree to ring Caroline and tell her they’re happy – then they’ll go out for a celebratory meal.
  • Ed rings Usha to ask about legal aid, but like Oliver, she tells him that it will be difficult to find anyone willing to take the case on. Mediation seems to be the only route. Ed can’t see Emma agreeing to that.

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