Alistair’s plans for the pantomime set become more dramatic.

Radio Times: Adam steps into the breach.

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  • Peggy is very annoyed when Adam turns up and is worried he has told Jennifer though he tells he hasn’t. In the end, she forces him to promise he won’t keep dropping round but will let her get back into a normal routine with Jack.
  • Alistair still has grand plans for the pantomime set. This time it’s a beanstalk that is illuminated and will fall into the audience when it’s cut down. He even wants a spare tree from Nigel. Daniel is disappointed though. He wanted to play Jack and is disappointed to find that the principal boy is a girl – Sabrina Thwaite.
  • Hayley is completely exhausted. She even fell asleep at Lower Loxley talking to Elizabeth and Shula. She will look forward to moving into Lower Loxley to avoid the builders soon. Elizabeth wonders how much longer Hayley will be able to carry on.

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