Ian is forced to tell Adam that Peggy isn’t coping and Adam is determined to help. Mike and Eddie have been cast as the pantomime cow.

Radio Times: Hayley is sleepless at Willow Farm.

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  • Eddie, Mike and Kenton are all confident they will get the part of the Dame in the panto. But it is Kenton that get the part with Eddie and Mike cast as the pantomime cow. They are horrified but Hayley tries to convince them that it’s to use their skills in singing and dancing.
  • Ian is having to try to cover up for the way he is helping Peggy out but Adam is getting worried and suspicious so Ian has to tell him. Peggy is really not coping but she obviously is worried that if the family finds out they will put him back into the home. Ian doesn’t mind helping out but Adam is sorry she won’t trust him so he will take over in the morning so Ian can get some sleep.
  • All the noise of the building at Willow Farm is disturbing Abbie and Hayley is exhausted but the sooner they start, the sooner they will finish.

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