Peggy is getting completely exhausted coping with Jack but still doesn’t want the family to know how bad things are.

Radio Times: Tom does some quality control.

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  • Jack has had another bad night this time emptying out all the drawers searching for something. Peggy is clearly getting exhausted. But she is embarrassed that Jennifer has seen the house in the state it was. At least she can get Jack back to the day centre a couple of days a week although Jennifer worries if Peggy will be able to cope with Jack.
  • Brian is impressed with the work on the bacon survey. Customers seem happy with the idea of buying Tom Archer bacon as long as it is competitively priced. But Tom is concerned that Brian’s idea of a competitive price is rather different to his.
  • Ian is still concerned about Peggy and that she won’t tell her family about how bad things really are. So he offers to help her get Jack to the Day Centre.

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