Alistair still feels the Sword of Damocles is hanging over him.

Radio Times: Child’s play at Lower Loxley.

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  • Breakfast time at Brookfield, it’s chaos and obvious that Heather is much missed. David is late in from the milking and the children are not being very cooperative. Things are set to get worse with the onset of worming and silaging, so David is desperately trying to line up as much extra help as possible.
  • Kenton has stepped into the breach at Lower Loxley. He tells Kathy that he is going to enjoy a day outside with the twins and Jamie (shouldn’t he be at school?). He loves being with children and misses Meriel a lot. Nigel tells him that the falconry courses are booked up until October, much to his disappointment as he thinks that Jessica has been giving him the eye. Nothing to stop him taking the children to see the falcons though, and killing two birds with one stone. (Kenton’s words, not mine!)
  • Alistair is not enjoying the depth to which the police investigation is going. Apparently they have thoroughly searched the surgery and been through the computer records in detail. Tim thinks it is just their way of trying the obvious first and tries to reassure Alistair by saying that he has heard of kids in Darrington using Ketamine. Alistair reciprocates with encouragement when Tim expresses his guilt over selling the practice. Janet is being very supportive, he says, but they are still keeping their relationship low key. He is waiting to see what will happen when Siobhán receives the divorce papers any day now.
  • Ruth has been walking Ben round the farm animals and he is now asleep in his papoose. She tells a weary David just what he wants to hear (not!) that Tim has signed Bert off for another week. Which means plan B for the silage, whatever that is.
  • Kathy has come to collect Jamie, who blames at least some of the ‘food everywhere’ on Lily and Freddy. Kenton explains that they have had a food fight – Jamie really wants to stay for more fun now but Kathy assures him he can play another day. Nigel is sure that Lizzie’s reaction to the mess will not be favourable and is, himself, unsure of some of the activities that Kenton seems to have involved the twins in – until the music starts and he is given a wooden spoon to join in with the percussion section!

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