Roy relishes his anniversary experience and Hayley is missed at Lower Loxley.

Radio Times: Roy and Hayley make a splash.

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  • Roy is excited at the prospect of his white water rafting experience. Hayley explains that there will be a leader shouting instructions and that if you do as you’re told you’ll be quite safe – and then she glimpses the river!
  • Tim has gathered his surgery staff together to break the news that he is giving up the practice. Susan voices everyone’s queries about their future but realistically he can only apologise for the fact that they are all now on three months notice.
  • Roy and Hayley are getting very wet and making a lot of noise.
  • At Lower Loxley, Lily and Freddy are proving to be quite a handful for Julia. Lewis is unfortunately unable to help out this time – he is in London. Emma comes to the partial rescue with tea and crisps. Nigel passes by looking for Kenton, eliciting remarks from Julia about his (Kenton’s) unreliability, which is only to be expected, she adds, considering the family. How is she managing in Hayley’s absence, asks Nigel. Apart from a bit of a cold coming on, she can cope, she says.
  • Roy and Hayley are getting even wetter and screaming.
  • Susan and Emma are chatting about the surgery closing – Susan blames Siobhán for Dr Hathaway leaving and Emma surmises that she must be staying. A mention of his being interviewed by the police turns the subject to drugs. Susan didn’t realise that Ed, Fallon and Jazzer were into that kind of thing and hopes that Emma won’t get involved. She assures her mother that she considers the three of them to be idiots.
  • Roy and Hayley have got photos to prove how wet they got – Hayley reckons she’s been washed, rinsed and spun as well as surviving slipping under the raft! Next time, says Roy. You must be kidding, says Hayley, but both agree it will be something to tell their grandchildren about.
  • The twins have finished Julia off – the bit of a cold coming on becomes something like full-blown pneumonia, as Nigel appears to investigate the noise. She beats a hasty retreat saying she won’t be able to do tomorrow. Nigel asks the inevitable question as the music fades in.

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