Alistair is questioned about drugs and doubts his ability to make the truth convincing.

Radio Times: Alistair’s implicated in something nasty.

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  • At the end of a busy Bank Holiday Roy and Julia are looking for Hayley and Kenton respectively. Before finding them picnicking under the trees with the children they make small talk about various aspects of the day’s activities. Julia approves of the imminent visit to Mappa Mundi and assures Roy that he will have a wonderful time.
  • Alistair is questioned at length by a police officer. It is quite usual for any source of medical or veterinary drugs to be investigated in such circumstances, says the officer, but Alistair is obviously ill at ease. His partner, Theo, will also be questioned and a printout of the practice drug records, supplied for scrutiny tomorrow.
  • Ed and Fallon are having a break (smoke?) outside the hospital. Neither is in good fettle and they can hardly keep from arguing or allotting blame to each other for the state of Jazzer. They are astounded at the attitude of grown-ups in general, and adamant that Jazzer’s Mum’s dislike of them will not prevent their being with him whenever possible.
  • Roy and Hayley are on their way to Hereford. He is still not keen but is putting on a brave face and joking about it. Hayley threatens him with walking if he criticises her driving and pretends that they haven’t passed the turning to Hereford. She can’t contain her delight at having maintained the deception for so long and reveals that Mappa Mundi was just a decoy without disclosing any more details.
  • Alistair is convinced that the police will have found his statement incriminating, especially any logic behind allowing Dross to practise at the Stables. Shula feels that as long as he tells the truth, which we assume he has, then everything will be OK. Let’s hope it will be a bit more exciting than that!

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