The Bull re-opens but Sid and Fallon are still at loggerheads over the drugs incident.

Radio Times: Jolene’s determined that the show must go on.

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  • David wakes up in a flap because he thinks he’s overslept the alarm. All is well however as Ruth has been wearing her Superwoman overalls and not only already milked the cows but brought him up his breakfast! Ben, still sounding little more than newborn, raucously thwarts David’s suggestion that she should get back into bed.
  • The dust has settled a bit at The Bull and the pub was open again yesterday. A confident Jolene and a gloomy Sid chew over the consequences and implications of Thursday’s debacle, coming to no particular conclusion. The start of the cricket season is also posing problems for Sid – Roy, Duncan, David and of course, Bert are all unavailable for today’s opening match. Jason, that cheeky, subliminally ubiquitous Brummie builder-chappie, who apparently used to play cricket regularly until someone dropped a brick on his knee, is going to stand in as umpire! Fallon emerges in a foul mood and the fireworks fly between her and Sid when she answers her mother sharply. She accuses him of blaming her for everything (except for the state of Jazzer, who Sid says, has no-one else to blame except himself) and of caring about nothing but his precious pub.
  • Jason is conveniently admiring the weather and the cricket pitch when Christine returns from the Rogation Sunday Service in Penny Hassett – she tells him that the Jubilee Grant money for the Church loos and access ramp has been approved and he can start work as soon as he likes, like this week. True to form, he hedges round the issue and promises to catch her later.
  • Ruth is back in normal mode and hasn’t made Sunday lunch. David has to locate a sandwich, hidden by the widespread remains of the children’s morning of drawing. Bert has phoned and still is not feeling better. David wonders whether he will manage any cricket at all this season, the way things look at the moment.
  • In the pavilion Christine is helping Jolene with the cricket teas. Jason and Sid are in disagreement about the former’s decision giving the latter out. Christine reminds Jason that Jubilee Day is June 3rd and that she is worried the loos won’t be ready by then if he doesn’t start soon. Jason responds with an assurance of his patriotism and: “I guarantee those toilets’ll be in full flush by June 3rd, come what may!” Sid voices the sceptical point of view and Jason turns some light-hearted banter about ‘umpire’s expenses’ to the subject of drugs – a bit below the belt, remarks Jolene. Fallon has locked herself out and shows up for a key. The age-rage starts up again when Sid tells her off for being in the pavilion, and other things. She stomps out shouting and eventually Sid reminds the stunned onlookers that they still have a cricket match to win.

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