Fallon worries about Jazzer’s life; Sid just worries about his livelihood

Radio Times: The questioning begins.

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  • Jolene is worried about Sid not eating his breakfast. He needs to keep his strength up, (for goodness sake he’s hardly likely to starve for a lack of one bit of toast). Fallon has phoned the hospital. Jazzer is in intensive care on a ventilator.
  • Clarrie is worried about how it will affect Ed’s community service. He feels like everything is going to happen again. He’s not sure he can stand it. Will the police believe him.
  • Sid tries to convince the police it was nothing to do with him. They aren’t all that interested in him at the moment. But Sid thinks they are out to get him. He knows what they’re like. This is all Jazzer’s own fault. Clarrie reminds Sid he made some mistakes in his youth but Sid says he’s never got mixed up in drugs.
  • The police interview Fallon but Jolene finds it difficult to keep quiet. Sid is really only interested in the future of the pub. Now Jolene has said she would recognise drug taking, Sid is convinced they’re finished.
  • When they interview Ed, he says Sid is too stupid to recognise drugs and Clarrie confirms he wouldn’t allow anything like that. The police officer says she believes Sid when he says he didn’t know about the drugs – so why is he acting as if he’s got something to hide?
  • Betty and Clarrie can’t understand why anyone would want to take an animal drug. Betty is less than pleased when she realises Brenda will have to be interviewed.
  • Fallon and Ed visit the hospital. Jazzer’s mum wasn’t very pleased to see them. He’s still on the ventilator. Ed realises it could have been him lying there and Fallon understands that he could still die.

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