Jazzer takes another trip, perhaps one-way.

Radio Times: The party’s over for Jazzer.

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  • Jazzer is now trying to persuade Fallon to try some of his drugs. Fallon is more concerned about the gig. It seems to be going very well at first. Dross are having a good night. After the gig, he has another go but Fallon isn’t interested so Jazzer goes off to try some on his own.
  • Jolene and Sid are keen to close up quickly. They aren’t going to risk their licence for one birthday party. Jazzer has disappeared when they should be clearing up their stuff.
  • Ed finds Jazzer in the gents. He seems to be unconscious. Ed can’t wake him up at all. It’s probably ketamine. This is what he was like before. Jolene decides to call an ambulance but they’ll need to know what he’s taken.
  • Sid is furious with Fallon. She should have told him Jazzer was planning to take drugs. Then Jazzer stops breathing. They don’t know what to do. The ambulance arrives . . . .

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