Alistair suffers from divided loyalty and he has trodden on another vet’s toes.

Radio Times: Alistair faces the moral maze.

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  • It’s the day of the Soap Box Derby. Kenton makes a big thing of burying the hatchet with Sid but only as an excuse to have a dig at his rather solid cart.
  • Matt is already calling in Alistair’s debt: he wants him to look at his horse – today. He doesn’t want to let Shula and Daniel down but Matt makes it clear that it would not be in Alistair’s best interests to let him down either. To Shula, it’s yet another emergency.
  • Christopher and Carly are the clear leaders. Sid’s rather over-engineered cart did not do at all well but Jamie isn’t bothered; apparently he has not inherited his father’s competitiveness. Shula arranges to go last in the hope that Alistair will make it in time.
  • Alistair is very reluctant to treat the horse, behind the back of another vet, but Matt is very insistent, so he makes it clear that the other vet should be contacted and told what treatment has been administered. (That’s not going to happen!)
  • Shula is not overly impressed by the fact that the Bishop is enjoying himself and getting on so well and so publicly with Usha. Time is pressing because he will be presenting the prizes, so Shula and Daniel must have their run now. Kenton has noticed that all is not well with Alistair and Shula but at least Alistair arrives just in time to greet them at the finish – but not to see anything of the run.
  • Alistair cannot disguise his (almost too) late arrival. Daniel thinks he saw the whole run. As for Shula, it doesn’t matter, says she through gritted teeth. After all, she is used to it.

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