George is poorly and Emma is quick to blame William.

Radio Times: Emma hits the panic button.

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  • At Bridge Farm, Clarrie is full of George’s birthday party yesterday. What a lovely time he had.
  • But this morning George is not happy, not having had much sleep. Emma’s diagnosis is that Will got him over-tired and over-excited. Ed thinks he is too hot and he notices a little rash. To the surgery!
  • Oliver is not perturbed to hear that Ed will be late; he will be busy with Mike anyway, drafting a letter to Mike’s customers. Caroline is taking Carly to The Stables – not because she has grown any fonder of horses but Christopher Carter will be there. Shula sounded a bit down.
  • Panic over. There is not much wrong with George, certainly nothing infectious. He might be starting with a cold – and probably Will gave him that too! So Emma is not going to let him go to William today as planned; she hopes Kenton will understand. And he is definitely not going to Spain if he is ill.
  • Clarrie calms Will down; best not to fight Emma on this one, or she may resist the holiday. Pat wonders whether Emma is building an excuse not to let George go! Clarrie is sick of it all.
  • Ed is keen to get on with the new dairy venture but Oliver exercises restraint. Caroline is back from The Stables alone – Carly had a better offer. Shula has invited some of her pupils who, like Daniel, are about to go to the Cathedral School; nobody is going from his own school. Alistair is unsupportive – par for the course these days: he didn’t want Daniel to go to the Cathedral School anyway.

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