Alistair tells Jim he must go home. Kathy thinks she sees Taylor which Kenton thinks must be a breach of bail conditions.

Radio Times: Kathy’s past comes back to haunt her.

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  • Tony is in the Bull. He is finding it very stressful that David is trying to convert him to the digester. Alistair tells him Phil is less than impressed. Tony is hovering about what to do. Kenton joins them and says how much he is looking forward to seeing Jim again. Alistair says he is on the way to tell Jim it’s time to go home.
  • Kenton tries to convince Tony to join his fat club when he is reminded that Helen is a recovering anorexic. Kathy calls to say she will be late from work but that Kenton isn’t to worry.
  • Alistair confronts Jim. It’s time to go home. Jim says it is impossible but Alistair says he has to go. Jim’s first suggestion is in three weeks but Alistair is determined. He’s outstayed his welcome and he’s no long welcome. A flight will be booked this weekend.
  • Kathy is very late back from work and to pick up Jamie from the Bull. She bumps into Tony just leaving who seems to want to talk when suddenly she is convinced she sees Taylor again and panics.
  • Shula is thrilled when she hears Alistair has told Jim to go. She feels a bit sorry for him when she thinks he’ll be on his own but the main thing is he’ll be gone.
  • Kathy tells Kenton that she has seen Taylor again. Kenton sees this as a relief. He must be breaching his bail conditions to be in Ambridge that late so all they need to do is call the police and he’ll be arrested.

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