Pat won’t change her mind on the digester. Adam solves the skylark problem for Matt.

Radio Times: Matt minimises the damage.

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  • Matt consults Adam about how to replace the lost skylark habitat and comes up with the idea of making skylark plots which might do the trick. And Matt thinks Brenda will be able to sell it to the press.
  • Tony is trying to convince Pat to think again about the digester when Kathy turns up upset. They have contacted the police but they won’t rearrest him because his mother has given him an alibi. Now Kathy is wondering if she is imagining it but she is sure she saw him and there is nothing she can do. She is frightened to be alone so Pat says she will stay with her.
  • Lilian is interested to know what Matt is up to. Adam confirms that he was drinking at Grey Gables with Annabelle but he thinks Annabelle isn’t interested in him. In Lilian’s mind, that just makes her as devious as Matt.
  • Tony doesn’t get anywhere with persuading Pat on the digester. She is determined to have nothing to do with it, so that’s it. End of story.
  • Matt tells Lilian he lied to her about seeing Annabelle because he new she’d go off into paroxysms of fury! He tries to convince her it was just a business meeting but she doesn’t really believe him about the skylarks but it gets Matt through the immediate crisis.

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