Owen (Taylor) turns up in the village again on his way to see Kathy.

Radio Times: Alistair’s prayers are finally answered.

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  • Ruth tries to be friendly to Nic and get her involved in village life by inviting her to the Village Hall reopening.
  • Jim is being difficult about being sent home but claims how much he has learned from being in Ambridge. He thinks the digester is absolutely fascinating. And he is planning to be in touch with Ruth’s mother – something to look forward to in his lonely convalescence. And he is determined to drag things out hoping to miss the plane by saying goodbye to Joe.
  • Matt suddenly turns up at Brookfield asking to see Pip. He wants to make amends by telling her about the skylark plots. Pip is really pleased he took her protest seriously though Ruth is a bit more sceptical. He even persuades Pip to do a survey of the new skylark plots and to publish her findings. Now she has been asked to represent the Young Farmers in the Borchester team for the national competition she’ll have to tell them what Matt has done – see people can change! Ruth and David are wondering what the ulterior motive is!
  • Nic is walking to Keeper’s Cottage without a torch again and drops her bag and suddenly Taylor turns up with a torch to help. He’s on his way to meet his friend – Kathy.

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