Taylor appears in Ambridge and talks to Jamie. The alarm is raised.

Radio Times: Elizabeth comes to the rescue.

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  • Joe is keen to see Nigel’s new hay wagon; he secretly reckons that Nigel doesn’t know one end of a hay wagon from another but he is prepared to take Nigel’s word for the condition of the axles – he doesn’t bend as easily as he used to. Joe approves: painted up properly, he thinks it will look quite something.
  • Jamie encounters Taylor, aka Owen, who gleans that Kenton is still on the scene, indeed that he has moved in. He also learns that Kenton is in Borchester and that Kathy is at Lower Loxley. It will be a surprise for Kathy if he is waiting in her kitchen; it would be rude to keep him waiting out in the cold. Fortunately Elizabeth is passing and bundles Jamie into her car.
  • Joe is rewarded for his neighbourly advice with a hot chocolate, served by Kathy. When Jamie arrives, he explains that Taylor was really creepy and claimed that he was good friends with Kathy. Elizabeth calls the police; maybe they will be able to catch him. At least they know that he is stalking her now. Kathy feels she should have warned Jamie about Taylor. Poor Kenton got a tongue-lashing, but Jamie being alone was not his fault, and Kathy knows that he will do everything in his power to protect them both. She just wishes that the police knew Taylor’s whereabouts.

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