Taylor watches, waits and, when the opportunity arises, threatens Kathy.

Radio Times: Kathy faces her fears.

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  • David and Adam are eagerly awaiting Carl to do some information gathering for their feasibility study. David seems worried about whether Carl will make a good job of it; the study needs to be sound.
  • Kenton and Kathy talk over the events of yesterday: Elizabeth showed a lot of bottle and Jamie did well too. He knows that Taylor attacked another woman but not the nature of the attack. Kenton will take him to The Bull for Sid to do the school run and then he will escort Kathy to work. Meanwhile she should not go out.
  • The best site for the digester would be close to the poly-tunnels, where the heat will be used. Partially burying it would reduce the visual impact.
  • But she does go out! She takes the rubbish to the bin and when she turns back to the house – there he is! He says he just wants a civilised conversation but there is nothing civilised about it: he has slept in his car and is not in the best of moods. Kathy fears a repeat of the rape. He wants her to say that she made it all up. His threats are cut short by the timely arrival of Kenton who gives chase while Kathy calls the police.
  • Eddie interrupts the meeting at Home Farm and is very curious about Carl and his laptop but Adam gives nothing away.
  • Taylor got away and by the time Kenton gets back to the cottage, Kathy is able to tell him that Taylor has given himself up to the police in Borchester. He is clever: he knows he has gone too far, so by being a good boy and giving himself up he knows that the punishment will be lighter.

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