Will and Nic have a financial understanding.

Radio Times: Jack gets trapped in the past.

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  • Nic is disappointed that Will has to work on his day off, so she is taking the children to Borchester on the bus to buy clothes – but she doesn’t need money from Will.
  • Lilian has taken Jack for a walk while Peggy has her hair done. She reminds him how he always walked the drives in advance of a big shoot but this seems to transport him into the past. Where is Captain? Has he run off again?
  • Ruth and David cannot understand why Kenton and Kathy have cried off attending the dinner Phil is preparing. Apparently Kathy is ill – again. Strange! Bert joins them, with time on his hands and keen to help, indeed insisting on it.
  • Jack is surprised to encounter Will; he expected George Barford. Lilian gently explains that George is dead. Since Jack is cold now, so Will gives them a lift back to their car.
  • As they work, Bert describes for David the subtle ways he is suggesting to Freda that she might benefit from Clarrie’s ‘Fat Club’. Finally he gets round to the real reason he is helping today: he saw Carl at work yesterday and wants to know what it was all about. “Nothing important” is as far as David is prepared to go.
  • Back from Borchester, Nic explains why she went and that, contrary to expectations, she didn’t have enough money. So Will suggests that they need a financial understanding. Will’s idea is simple: in future, when Nic needs money, she just needs to ask. She seems a little disappointed by this scheme, hoping perhaps for a more regular flow of money that would enable her to plan ahead.

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