Alistair thinks he can translate poker wins on the internet into success at a live game.

Radio Times: Alistair heads for the lions’ den.

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  • Jennifer has some good news (though whether Adam will find it good is open to question): Debbie is coming home for a holiday.
  • Meanwhile Adam has an appointment with Matt, who has to agree that he has done his homework, though Matt suspects Brian’s hand behind the move and thinks that Home Farm is overstaffed. Nevertheless, Adam claims it makes good business sense to give the Estate contract back to Home Farm and Matt concedes that it merits further consideration.
  • Lynda is surprised to meet Lilian on a bridleway – but not dressed for it. She had planned to rendezvous with Jade and set her onto the task of walking the bridleways but it was not to be: Matt needs her. Linda defends the loyal and dedicated PA who, Robert has reported, was yesterday evening out with her boss in a smart cocktail bar. Was she indeed!
  • Oliver has had a positive meeting at the bank: they can have a short term (a year) loan to secure Grey Gables or a long term business loan to finance it themselves. He urges Caroline not to lose faith in Duncan. There are still no offers on the Dower House.
  • In The Bull, Lilian is fuming about Matt’s ‘business’ evening out with Jade but there is worse to come. Matt’s business deal might involve a night in London – and he will need to take his PA. Matt, now alone, joins Alistair for a drink. Alistair brags about some recent poker wins on the internet, so Matt invites him to join in tomorrow night’s game with the same crowd that nearly cleaned him out before. Alistair is tempted; Shula is not going to like this.

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