Caroline is worried about a possible competitor and the lack of progress on her own bid for Grey Gables.

Radio Times: Caroline meets a competitor.

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  • Caroline is stressed. She has had potential competitors in the hotel, looking round and examining the books. So a visit from Kenton is not well timed but she does plant in his head the idea that Kathy might be having him on over her suggested present.
  • The coat that Mike gave to Emma is a bit on the big side but, of course, she must keep it. Susan is not happy about conditions in the caravan and sounds Emma out about moving into the house. The bottom line is – dad doesn’t want Ed. Susan thinks he may be coming round on that subject.
  • Kathy admits it; she was teasing Kenton about the present. However, something she says gives him an idea to work on.
  • When Neil comes home Emma is about to bath George in their nice warm bathroom and he seems none too pleased about that. Susan tries to talk some sense into him but he is adamant: unless George is suffering they can stay in the caravan, his hope being that Emma will get fed up with life out in the cold and will send Ed packing. That she loves him cuts no ice with Neil. So much for “coming round”.
  • Oliver does his best to soothe Caroline’s worries; he cannot really see what a big chain would want with Grey Gables anyway. Their potential partner, Duncan, is still on board but has not yet realised his assets, some of which are abroad. The ad for Caroline’s share of The Bull will appear in Borchester Life (where else!) on Thursday but if Duncan doesn’t come good it will all be in vain.

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