Kenton has a present for Kathy and Mike has one for Emma.

Radio Times: Emma repays an old debt.

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  • Mike encounters Emma and George on a mission: the pipes are frozen and she has to carry water by the bucket from the house, a job which Mike is pleased to take over.
  • Kenton seeks Pat’s advice on the birthday present he has bought Kathy. It seemed like a good idea at the time but now he has cold feet. Pat reassures him that she will love it but she is not going to help him out over ideas for a Valentine’s Day present.
  • Mike’s reward is to stay for lunch in the caravan – and the soup smells good. He confesses that he has time on his hands. It’s early days yet and Emma admits that she really misses Betty too.
  • Checking the church heating, Alan tells Shula about last week’s social whirl – lunch with the bishop and then a visit to Usha’s parents, who were very welcoming, if rather formal. Usha will not be at the Candlemas service, as there is a Hindu festival on the same day, but Alan has a special meal to look forward to afterwards – a yellow meal!
  • Kenton has whisked Kathy off in his new 4×4 for a birthday dinner. Pat was right about Kathy liking her present and Kenton gets a more explicit hint about his next present: what she really, really wants is a double sided olive de-stoner – and they are very hard to find.
  • Mike returns to the caravan with a present for Emma; Betty’s coat is just hanging in the cupboard and would be of more use to Emma in the cold caravan. Betty would have wanted her to have it.

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