Ambridge’s two new councillors both aim to eliminate motor bikes on bridleways.

Radio Times: Lynda gets a new mission.

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  • When Jolene and Lynda meet on a walk, they have to agree to differ: Lynda hopes Caroline will find a buyer for her share of The Bull, Jolene hopes not. Lynda’s next encounter is with Lilian, out for a ride, but their peace is disrupted by a group of young motor-cyclists roaring up the bridleway. Lynda ends up covered in mud.
  • The Brookfield decorating has hit another snag: now that the paper is removed, loose and cracked plaster is revealed and needs to be repaired – and they have no filler. But first there’s Lynda to deal with: David cannot take the motor bikers quite as seriously as she does.
  • In The Bull, Jolene explains to Matt and Lilian that Freda’s Yorkshire puddings will be off the menu for a month when she and Bert go to India. And what will replace them? Jolene seems unsure – something simple – it doesn’t sound very tempting.
  • Over their roast beef, Lilian tells Matt that Lynda lectured her about missing Lynda’s maiden speech – how grandiose! Lilian decides she must swing into action and get rid of the bikers. She must monitor the bridleways and she will need help. Oh no! Matt is adamant that Jade cannot be spared: she will be far too busy helping him.

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