All change at Brookfield.

Radio Times: All change at Brookfield.

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  • 0530 at Blossom Hill Cottage and Usha’s struggling with the early morning, while Janet and Ruth are well practised and are far too bright and perky! They’re off to Birmingham for a 8am start and there are a few other Ambridgers there – Clarrie, Marjorie and Shula. After a few messages and slogans, off they set on the debt march to London.
  • Phil and Jill are packing for the move and Jill is worried about what to take for Nigel’s party and Phil wonders whether they should take any provisions – but it’s only to the bungalow! Jill’s appetite’s dropped a little with the reduction in exercise and, while she’d like to go to church service (to be conducted by the rural dean) she’s not finding car travel particularly comfortable. She’s looking forward to catching up on some correspondance and writing up her recipe collection. Pointedly, one of the recipes is a cutting from a magazine from 1970 – the year they, in their turn, moved into the Brookfield farmhouse.
  • David fancies his chances in tomorrow’s single wicket competition, Sean having confirmed his non-entry (although Sid’s still not happy – the trophy’s still not been returned).
  • Everyone’s ready to move, the kids are especially excited about the swap …