A tale of two trophies.

Radio Times: A tale of two trophies.

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  • The move went well – albeit Ruth and David’s packing was so poor as to require half a dozen trips to make sure every that was needed was taken! Shula’s mowing the lawn while Hayley, who’d had the kids in the garden yesterday, searches for some toys that are Missing In Action! She’s hoping to get down to the cricket pitch later to watch the Single Wicket Competition, Shula’s heading down too – personal reasons both for watching.
  • Sid’s still not received the trophy back from Sean and is busy polishing the substitute one (which Shula still doesn’t know about) when David appears with his sister and the trophy which Sean had give to him to give to Sid. Sid scarpers lest Shula see the replacement and the ruse remains intact.
  • The competition brings up the stock unlikely wins, like Siobhan beating Tony and Christopher beating Eddie (although Eddie’s excuse was that he needed to get home to finish off the silaging while he still has the on-loan forage harvester). In the end, it’s David vs Tommy in the final and, still thinking of the success that John had and his own disappointment from last year, Tommy wins out.