A rude awakening for Tommy.

Radio Times: A rude awakening for Tommy.

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  • Tommy’s having a lie-in (with parental blessing) following his deserved celebrations after yesterday’s victory … before brekfast is interrupted by a knock at the door and PCs Davis and Young calling for Master Thomas. While his parents are flabbergasted, Tommy doesn’t seem so surprised as he’s cautioned over his role in the raid on Brian’s crops, his bedroom searched, a balaclava recovered and an imminent visit to the station ….
  • Pat calls Usha, forgetting that she’s on the debt march. She’s carrying her mobile, though and recomends that they use the duty solicitor and she’ll deal with the situation if it’s not been resolved by her return at the end of the week.
  • Lizzie vists Tim so he can confirm the pregnancy test. She’s obviously blissfully happy and will have to wait a couple of days for the results.
  • Tommy tells his solicitor, Mr Thorpe, that he was on the raid that night (the owner of the van had lent it to him to “move furniture”) and is proud of the fact. He’s warned that a prison sentence is a possibility and to say nothing, but when interviewed he’s unwilling to help himself much. He’s proud of his involvement but, despite willingly saying that he was trying to seperate David and his attacker, is unwilling to point any fingers at his co-raiders.