Eddie has the answer.

Radio Times: Eddie has the answer.

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  • Clarrie’s doing some cake-baking for next week’s farmers’ market – although Joe’s complaining that by that time the freezing will have removed all their flavour and smell. As soon as he mentions the way “his Susan” used to do things, Clarrie’s frostiness level rose a few notches … Eddie’s going to have to confront the forage harvester salesman soon and Clarrie’s still not happy with his bare-faced affrontery.
  • Jill and Phil are coping in the bungalow and they’re taking the swap very seriously, Phil doesn’t feel he can go and play the piano in the farmhouse without asking first. Jill’s been getting lots of flowers and get-well cards – including one from Lillian and from of the families whose booking they had to cancel.
  • Usha and Janet are, apparently, coping well with the walking – although Usha’s not so sure about the sleeping on the church floors!
  • Clarrie mentioned to the salesman that Eddie was off at another farm (something that she doesn’t regret but could land Eddie in very deep, hot water) but, possibly fortunately, Eddie’s broken the borrowed harvester. It seems it jammed on a metal stirrup that the built-in metal detector didn’t detect. He seems to think that this is the perfect excuse … although Clarrie’s not so sure.
  • Phil and Jill are slightly surprised at Tommy’s actions (the news is around the village – it seems he has to wait about four weeks for the CPS to make up their minds whether to prosecute). Jennifer, visiting to drop some more flowers in on Jill, is in no doubt where the blame lies. Her brother, pure and simple. With no equivocation, she thinks Tommy’s been learning at his father’s feet. She’s also a little surprised that Phil and Jill, what with David a victim too, are being quite so reasonable.