Kate has a new hero.

Radio Times: Kate has a new hero.

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  • The aftershocks from Tommy’s arrest are reverberating around the village and the family; still it gives Helen something more to moan about and, because her Mum’s still not tip-top, she can act the martyr still by considering not going to Zimbabwe. Pat almost defends Tommy – especially because Brian had not been particularly helpful when Tommy tried to talk to him face to face a few weeks ago.
  • Helen’s also not happy that Pat’s helping Tommy out with his stall at next week’s farmers’ market – she doesn’t think that they should be represented there at all.
  • Jennifer, though, is spitting chips. She’s unhappy with Jack because the Echo (which he owns) runs the story on the front page – with the picture of Tommy wining Monday’s single wicket competition! She also confronts Tony about his role in the affair, assuming that he knew about it before it happened and, when he denied that, accusing him of not controlling his son. She didn’t like Kate being considered at this point.
  • Kate, meanwhile, is suddenly Tommy’s biggest fan. While she didn’t like the spotlight when it was on her, she’s fully behind Tommy’s stand and is playing the experienced “I’ve been there” and “being arrested is scary the first time”. They’re scathing about Brian’s upcoming farm walk when he will, no doubt, play the victim and the guardian of the countryside.