Something to celebrate.

Radio Times: Something to celebrate.

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  • Nigel and Lizzie are discussing the floor for the new gallery as well as looking forward to his birthday party next week (and there’s going to be issues there too, Nigel and Lizzie are planning it as “smart casual”, while Julia’s been telling people black tie). Lizzie’s nervously waiting for her appointment to see Tim for confirmation. They plan to tell their parents, Lizzie will drop in on hers en route from the surgery and then they’ll have a meal with Julia. When confronted with the plan, Julia is suspicious – why is Lizzie being nice to her? She must be in trouble!
  • Ruth’s treating a sheep infected with maggots which gives Phil another chance to start on a nostalgia trip … cut short by David getting back from Home Farm. Jennifer’s still furious with Tommy, although David’s sure she’s over-reacting a little bit. The article in the Echo won’t have helped, the front page is getting a lot of attention around the village.
  • Eddie’s still confident his scam has succeeded …
  • Tim confirms Lizzie’s pregnancy – due on 29 December – and he goes through some of the preliminaries arrangements. She rushes straight off to her folks and, naturally, they are completely thrilled.
  • Lizzie takes her time to get home and Julia’s getting annoyed, but when Lizzie finally arrives and they spill the beans and Julia’s cock-a-hoop, deliciously surprised!