Jill takes it lying down.

Radio Times: Jill takes it lying down.

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  • Under the pretext of amending something that was meant for Josh, but unfinished and likely to be too small for him, Jill’s already started knitting for grandchild number four!
  • Usha, apparently, has returned, tired and blistered, from London, 100 miles but loved every yard. Janet’s continued on and sent a message that was read out at the morning service.
  • Lynda and Jill discuss the village fête, which is going to have the theme of Ambridge in the first millenium – Lynda’s most keen to get everything historically accurate and looks set to become a pain on the issue …. She’s also had cards and notices printed (not to mention answering her mobile phone in rôle) advertising her services as an aromatherapist – Jill’s not so sure that inner self (nor her leg) really needs healing!
  • On the Home Farm walk, there’s a good turn out and Brian’s initially pleased, but when Debbie calls for questions about a beetle bank, Lynda draws a familial relation between a small flower and the nearby GM crop and Brian launches into a spiel against the direct action of his nephew. Debbie says that it was “just Lynda” but Brian’s obviously still touchy about all his bad press.