Ambridge goes to Lords – maybe. They consider entering the Village Cricket competition.

Radio Times: Mike and Hayley are outfoxed.

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  • The Grange Farm dairy is coming on well, thanks to help from various neighbours. Oliver needs to give some attention to wedding preparations – new shoes etc. Several family members have replied but Carly hasn’t. Oliver’s only regret is that he has chosen a busy time and they will not be able to go on a honeymoon until the autumn.
  • The crafty stoat has not taken the bait, so Mike needs to think about alternatives; for now he will bait the trap again, this time with dead chicken. Brenda is still not certain about taking part in the family celebration of Phoebe’s birthday, because of her promise to help Tom; Roy hopes that Tom is not using her as he did Kirsty.
  • Madds is on the phone again but Ian has not had chance to talk to Adam – maybe tonight, if he can get some time off.
  • Oliver has had no interest from the dairy about taking his small milk production in the short term, so he offers it to Neil for the pigs. Mike has given notice to the dairy that he will be getting his milk locally – so there’s no going back.
  • Roy has been thinking about Robert’s idea of a cricket tour. Why not enter the Village Cricket competition? They need to check the rules – and they will need a good bowler. Meanwhile Ian is on hand to buy a round – as an early celebration of Adam’s 39th birthday.

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