Fallon is 21 and enjoying the day; Adam is 39 and is not.

Radio Times: Adam’s not interested in baby talk.

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  • Today’s inspection of the dairy work went to plan and Oliver expects another visit next Wednesday. Jazzer would love to hear more but he has to dash: it’s Fallon’s 21st birthday party and the word is – go as James Bond.
  • Fallon looks fantastic but she confesses to missing Ed; when Jazzer turns up, they have to agree that he scrubs up well. Kirsty will be running the bar but Lilian volunteers to lend a hand – a mixed blessing; Jolene resolves to keep her downstairs – some hope|
  • Ian and Caroline sort out the wedding menu with ease but Ian is rather tight-lipped on the subject of hearing from Madds.
  • Adam has time for a quick half while waiting for Ian; they are going for a birthday meal to Boticelli’s. Similarly Oliver is meeting Caroline and he has news of his wedding present to her; contrary to expectations he has arranged cover for them both to go to Perth for a few days.
  • Over dinner, to be followed – Adam is persuaded – by a visit to a club, Ian proposes a toast to Adam, who makes him feel complete and who he thanks for loving him. Adam takes this as a sign that the crazy idea of being a father to Madd’s child is dismissed. Not so. Ian did not want to talk about it, but if he must, he is still up for the idea. That’s put a damper on the evening.

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