Ambridge has a major bout of nostalgia at the Royal. Jim has a major bout of nostalgia in the car showroom.

Radio Times: Jim aims for life in the fast lane.

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  • The Herefords are off to the Royal. David has a car full of passengers; Ruth will meet them later.
  • Jim insists on accompanying an increasingly tetchy Alistair on his rounds. He also wants Alistair to take him to yet another car showroom in his lunch hour.
  • Phil enjoys chatting about Herefords to visitors at the show. Jill meets some old friends at the Bee section. They admire the Holsteins, and sigh for the good old days.
  • Jim drives Alistair to distraction with his refusal to make up his mind and his snide comments. Just when Alistair can take no more, Jim finds what he’s looking for – a sports car, the stuff of his youth. Alistair is horrified, whereupon Jim accuses him of being stuffy – and of catching it from Shula. The lack of boot space will be no problem; Alistair can take Jim shopping whenever necessary.
  • Ruth has caught up with old college friends, and David has found the stuff that dreams are made of – a fertiliser spreader that recalibrates every 30 seconds. They celebrate a day off the farm with a beer.

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