Anthony Gormley makes waves in Ambridge.

Radio Times: Lilian’s cloud gets a silver lining.

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  • Jennifer emails Kate with the latest Ambridge news. A sneering Brian asks whether it includes Mike and Vicky’s romance or Lilian’s troubles. He admits to being concerned at Matt’s selling his valuables, and feels compromised because Lilian doesn’t know about it. Then Lynda emails with news that Anthony Gormley is to open the fete, and Jennifer decides there and then to book a place on the plinth, to deliver a potted history of Ambridge.
  • Lilian returns from The Lodge, where Jack has been having a bad day. She’s come back via the Dower House, and is concerned that the curtains are still closed. Brian’s forced to admit that he’s been to see Matt, and that he wasn’t in the mood for small talk.
  • Neil calls at the shop, where Susan is excited at the interest generated by Anthony Gormley’s offer to open the fete. Places on the plinth are going quickly. Even Molly Button, disguised as a mushroom, will be there. Meanwhile, Neil’s off to Home Farm in search of casual work. He’s had no luck selling weaners.
  • Alistair rings to ask Adam to captain the cricket team on Saturday. With his usual lack of grace, Adam tells Brian Alistair has no idea how to get the best out of the team. Neil then appears, and is pleased to have some work – and even more pleased to be offered a spare ticket for the Royal on Wednesday.
  • Jennifer rushes down to the shop to book her plinth appearance. Her supreme lack of tact in asking whether Joe Grundy actually knows who Gormley is, is matched only by Susan’s wondering aloud whether Matt will go to the same prison as Clive.
  • Brian helps Adam fix a trailer, and wonders whether Adam’s cricketing commitments might not get in the way of his work. A potentially prickly conversation is avoided by news that James will drive up to see Lilian on her birthday. The return of the prodigal, sneers Brian; he must be worried about his inheritance.

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