Vicky makes plans for her new life in Ambridge. Jim has already made plans for his new life in Ambridge.

Radio Times: Jim starts as he means to go on.

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  • Jim has lost no time in imposing upon Shula and Alistair. At Sunday lunch he refuses broccoli, and lets it slip that he has given Daniel pizza, unbeknown to Shula, whose frosty response seems to please her father-in-law. When Shula is forced to admit that she went to the cathedral rather than St. Stephen’s, Alistair is quick to bail her out by commenting on the cathedral’s architecture.
  • Vicky loses no time in clearing her flat – including her 33 teddy bears. Cooing over Mike, she likens him to a bear with a paunch, Mr. Bubbles. Mike laps it up, and when Vicky tells him that she intends to go part-time at the dental surgery so that she can have breakfast in bed with the real-life Mr Bubbles, he is positively drooling.
  • Jim makes Alistair take him to the supermarket, where, despite his assurances that his list is in his head, Jim takes ages to decide upon his shopping. They run into Mike and Vicky, and Alistair is taken aback when Jim tells them he and Alistair are now off to look at cars. Alistair rings Shula, and tells her she’ll have to do the next shopping trip. No, says Shula – he’s your father.
  • Lynda is despondent at the lack of enthusiasm for her plinth at the fete, but when Elizabeth announces that she’s contacted Anthony Gormley, and that he may well come to the fete, Lynda is ecstatic. She immediately puts Elizabeth in charge of publicity.

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