Ambridge has its say on the Digester.

Radio Times: David faces the angry mob.

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  • Clarrie finds Joe down in the dumps. He’s been using Robert’s computer to find flights to Canada, but there’s no way he can afford one. Mildred has sent a birthday card, and says she’s missing him. Clarrie suggests that he comes along to the Biodigester meeting.
  • Annabelle is late, which makes David even more nervous, but she arrives, and David opens the meeting with an outline of the project to date. He’s soon assailed by a stream of objections, including one from Joe, who claims the road past his house is wide enough only for a pony and trap, not a food-waste delivery. Annabelle points out that the digester is only a giant compost heap, and Joe, a gardener, should recognise its value.
  • Susan has her indignant say, and again, Annabelle rescues the situation by pointing out that Susan is behind the Transition Community idea, so should be in favour of a scheme to reduce food waste.
  • After the meeting, Annabelle offers to buy everyone a drink. David’s feeling too tired and too gloomy, but agrees to go along. Annabelle thinks the meeting was successful; the pessimistic David and Adam disagree

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