David encounters strong opposition. Pat comes up with a solution to the IOU problem.

Radio Times: Helen gets Tom’s priorities in order.

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  • Lynda draws David’s attention to a Say No to the Biodigester poster. Mrs Noakes has sprung into action and is flooding the village with them. David thinks she should have waited until after the open meeting; Lynda reminds him it’s simply democracy.
  • Lynda assails Pat over the IOU fiasco, and demands to know what solution she’s come up with. Pat is remarkably restrained, and points out that she has had no time. Lynda has a free afternoon, and offers to help. Pat is still smarting from Nathan Booth’s assertion that she is wrongly accusing him of being the culprit.
  • Tony helps Tom put up a fence for the weaners which will shortly be arriving. The valuer is coming on Friday. Tom thinks they should make sure the farm looks scruffy, to give the authentic poor tenant farmer look. Tony’s too jubilant to take much notice.
  • Pat calls on Lynda to suggest producing their own, unforgeable currency. She wonders whether Robert might help. Lynda’s all for it, but Pat adds a note of warning; they must think the implications through very carefully.
  • Helen and Tom discuss the future. Helen’s thinking of taking Ambridge Organics round the shows, like Tom’s sausages. Tom’s still determined to show Brian that he can make a success of the new venture. Helen reminds him it’s as much about showing Pat and Tony.
  • David’s not pleased when he spots a Say No poster in Pat’s car. She says she won’t put it up until after the meeting. Tony’s taking a neutral stance, but Pat thinks the village will be seeing a lot more posters, if all the rumours are true.

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