Alan and Usha enjoy domestic bliss. Susan’s worries over the Swap Club meet with little sympathy

Radio Times: Alan and Usha nest at the Vicarage.

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  • Usha brings Alan tea in bed, but makes it clear that this won’t happen every day – and anyway, they need to get busy redecorating the bedroom.
  • Jennifer has had a bundle of IOUs from Bert. She, Susan, Pat and Lynda have a meeting later on to discuss the problem.
  • Lilian tells Jennifer about Matt’s attempts to contact his mother. When she gets home, she finds him hedge-trimming; it’s to take his mind off the letter. No matter how hard he tries, he just can’t imagine how his mother will feel when she reads it.
  • Susan rings Jennifer to say that Lynda can’t make the meeting. Susan is increasingly stressed about the IOUs, and being wonderfully patronised by Jennifer fails to improve her mood.
  • Alan and Usha start decorating. Alan’s worried when Usha says they need to do the kitchen and bathroom next, but feels happier when Usha says they’ll get someone in to do it – because she needs time to redesign the garden.
  • Both Pat and Jennifer resists Susan’s efforts to close the swap club down, though Pat does show some sympathy when Jennifer is rude to Susan. Pat offers to do some research and try to find a solution.

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