Bridge Farm has a rosy future. The Swap Club has no future. Will the Digester have a future?

Radio Times: David summons some supporting troops.

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  • When Pat makes a delivery to Ambridge Organics, Helen tells her that she’s had one of the IOUs, apparently signed by Susan. Pat offers to ring Susan, but has a busy day and forgets.
  • David tells Annabelle about Mrs Noakes and the Parish Council meeting. He’s worried that she’ll hi-jack the open meeting and turn people against the digester scheme. Annabelle has a meeting with Matt, and then calls at Brookfield. She suggests that Mrs Noakes has actually done them a favour in making them prepare thoroughly for the meeting. As long as they are open, honest and straightforward, they have nothing to fear. Once the scheme is up and running, people will forget what their objections were.
  • Tony goes to talk about a mortgage, but leaves his mobile in his overalls. Pat gets very strung-up when he’s late back, but when Tony eventually returns, the news is good. There should be no problem with a mortgage, provided the price is right. So all they need now is for the two sets of valuers to agree a reasonable price. Tony produces a bottle of champagne for them all to celebrate.
  • The Bridge Farm celebrations are put temporarily on hold when Susan appears. She’s furious about the fake IOUs and wants to close the whole Swap Club down. Pat tries to dissuade her, saying lots of people have benefited from it. There must be a way round the problem.

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