Ambridge ladies swoon over the gorgeous Alan Titchmarsh and even Susan doesn’t miss out!

Radio Times: It’s a gardeners’ world in Ambridge.

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  • Ambridge’s big day is here and Jill and Betty are eagerly awaiting Alan’s arrival. Betty can hardly contain her nerves, but is delighted by Alan’s response to his first impression of the village and the prospect of lunch in the ‘great looking pub’! Joe duly arrives with Bartleby, and after signing a few autographs, Alan sets off in the trap on his judging round.
  • On the way to Ambridge Hall, Joe is desperate to spill the beans on Lynda’s efforts but Alan, appreciating that there’s bound to be some gentle (gentle?) rivalry among competitors, diplomatically steers him off the subject in order to remain impartial.
  • As they arrive, Robert is trying to reassure a frantic Lynda-with-hairdryer that the Shakespearean garden is not a disaster! Alan tactfully tells her how important it is that the gardener should look as well-groomed as the garden!! Joe, still itching to get one up on Lynda, is persuaded by Alan to make sure the refreshments are ready at Keeper’s Cottage for his next visit. Lynda eventually relaxes a bit as Alan questions her about her favourite Shakespeare play.
  • Ed’s home, asleep in bed after a long wait at the airport for Eddie to meet him! Joe has laid on his cider for Alan’s imminent arrival. Clarrie can hardly contain herself!! She’s delighted when he signs one of his books for her – Joe less so when he declines his offer of a taste of cider. But he’ll take a bottle with him for later. Alan says graciously that a lot of love has gone into the Grundy garden, and wants to know Clarrie’s secret for such success with her lilies.
  • In the Bull at lunchtime, George, Robert and Joe are discussing the impressive way that Alan has coped with the personalities of Ambridge. He even managed to get out of meeting the llamas without offending Lynda! Jolene, meanwhile, is hiding none of her personality as she prepares to serve him lunch!! He asks her to join him, assuring her that her lack of gardening know-how will be such a refreshing relief for a while …
  • Alan announces that George and Christine Barford have won the first prize for a real old-fashioned cottage garden, with Jack and Peggy a well-deserved second. Joe chunters on in typical disgruntled fashion while Lynda is at pains to make sure that before he goes, Alan comes outside to meet Wolfgang and Costanza. Alan agrees that he wouldn’t like to disappoint the ‘little ones’ …
  • … and is coming to terms with meeting llamas, not children, when Susan rushes back from her shift at the sausage factory, just in time to breathlessly request Mr Titchmarsh’s autograph in her book.

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