David uses his wiles to get Lynda off Eddie’s back.

Radio Times: Grouching Grundys.

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  • Clarrie can’t eat for reminiscing about Alan Titchmarsh. Joe wishes ‘Charlie’ had been the judge – she wouldn’t have turned her nose up at some of his cider! Eddie is annoyed that Ed is still not out of bed – how can he be tired when he’s just had a holiday! Time he was back at work. Ed isn’t in the best of moods – they’d run out of money before the last day and had to go hungry – so after his breakfast he’s going back to bed!
  • Ruth didn’t manage to tire the children out at Lower Loxley yesterday so she and David are grabbing five minutes to chat while Pip and Ben play in the garden. Elizabeth has offered Haley’s help with Ben if Ruth needs it. David wonders what she’s after, but Ruth says things have been much better since she and Elizabeth chatted about Debbie – female bonding almost, but he reckons Elizabeth is running out of friends. Half term always seems to coincide with such a busy time on the farm. Jill doesn’t mind having the children all day tomorrow. She’s still in seventh heaven after yesterday – Phil should be jealous! Pity about the expression on Alan’s face when he saw Brookfield garden yesterday – horror mixed with compassion, but he was so sweet to Jill about it when he saw how mortified she looked.
  • Joe and Eddie have removed the furniture from their field as far as the grass verge. Lynda is in high dudgeon, so Eddie tries to make out that this is a new bit of dumping. Nothing to do with him. Their stuff is already at the tip. Disgusting what some folks will resort to, isn’t it Lynda?
  • Clarrie takes a sandwich up to Ed, who fills in some more of the holiday details. He saw very little of Jazzer, except when Jazzer wanted to borrow money from him. He just had a crap ‘oliday and he’s knackered … (sic)
  • Later in the Bull, Ruth and David are taking advantage of the Family Meal Special. David decides to talk to Eddie about yet another complaint he’s had from Linda Snell. Eddie spins him the same yarn about the tip, and David shrewdly suggests that the way to keep Lynda sweet is to do the public-spirited thing and take this second lot to the tip, too! Eddie reluctantly agrees but wants word of his good nature spread about a bit!! Ruth, meanwhile, has spotted Debbie in the bar, not looking very happy. Does that mean good news for them, that she might not be leaving? Or would she be better to go anyway, if she really is that unhappy?

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