Debbie feels further pushed out by Brian and Jennifer’s plans for tomorrow.

Radio Times: Outpourings at The Bull.

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  • Brian is leaving a message on Elizabeth’s answerphone. Jenny comes in to make tea and he tentatively suggests they might go out tomorrow night to celebrate their 27th Wedding Anniversary. Debbie interrupts her hesitant answer, saying that Adam needs Brian’s help with the hinds. She remembers that it is their Anniversary tomorrow but seems morosely irritated that they should be considering a celebration. Jenny counters sharply with “We are still married … not such a surprise, is it?”
  • Fallon is helping Tom with some market research in the supermarket about his sausages. He is desperate for customers both to buy them and hear about their amazing quality:cost ratio. Fallon, however is more desperate to know about a surprise Tom has promised her.
  • Ruth calls to collect the children, who have been with Phil and Jill for the day. She fills in the details of the new finance scheme to improve returns for dairy farmers – investing in milk processing will require each farmer to underwrite the equivalent of five pence per litre, about £30,000 for Brookfield, a low risk compared it’s capital value. As the children are still at the playground with Jill, Phil suggests Ruth should continue her freedom. They’ll bring them back after tea – and it will give Ruth a chance to …
  • … take Debbie for a drink and catch up with her plans. She discloses that she’s heard nothing since her second interview for the job in France. Ruth says they’d really miss her if she goes – she and David put so much work into building up Hassett Hills lamb together. Adam would still be there, Debbie suggests. She admires his enthusiasm and wishes she could be the same, but he wasn’t there to experience that traumatic weekend and Christmas at Home Farm. Debbie could never feel the same again about the place. Why, even her mother doesn’t seem to need her support any more – how can she forgive Brian enough to want to celebrate their wedding anniversary? Debbie can’t forgive Simon. Time won’t change anything – getting away is her only chance.
  • Apparently Howard Friend has asked Tom to man a hot food stall for him at Glastonbury. A great opportunity to advertise his sausages! And Fallon can be his assistant and get in for free!!
  • Phil has just dropped the children off at Brookfield as Ruth returns. He asks how Debbie is and Ruth tells him that Jenny and Brian’s imminent wedding anniversary is not helping her current frame of mind.
  • Jennifer and Brian swap genuine pleasantries over a meagre supper. She doesn’t want to spoil the enjoyment of the slap-up meal in prospect for tomorrow night. And they should leave their mobiles at home so that no calls interrupt their pleasure, like last year, she recalls ruefully. Brian consoles her by saying he wants them to be together for many more anniversaries. Jenny would like that too. The phone rings. It is Elizabeth, returning Brian’s earlier call – he wants to clear something up with her tomorrow …

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