Ambridge’s secret is finally revealed.

Radio Times: Lynda and Elizabeth turn secret gardeners.

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  • Nigel lets Lizzie sleep in, though as he brings her toast, does pry gently into her recent early morning disappearances. Lizzie refuses to reveal her secret.
  • Peggy’s very anxious about what Brian will reveal, having looked into her finances. Jennifer goes into ultra-patronising mode as they settle Jack and await Brian’s arrival.
  • The secret gardeners get busy deciding on a trellis and a clematis, but are surprised by Nigel, who thinks the memorial garden secret makeover is a lovely idea. He’s proud of Lizzie, and won’t breathe a word.
  • Peggy is appalled at the extent of her financial losses, and Jennifer has a hard time convincing her that she still has enough to live on. Brian offers to introduce Peggy to his financial adviser, and he’ll be there to help Peggy, who is extremely grateful.

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