Family relationships are strained in the Hebden-Lloyd household. Board relationships are strained at Borchester Land.

Radio Times: Jim shows Daniel life in the fast lane.

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  • Shula wants Daniel to go shopping with her for new school shirts. Unsurprisingly, Daniel has no interest in new school shirts. He is recued from this fate by the arrival of Jim in his new car, wanting to take Daniel for a drive. Sour-faced Shula is left to shop alone.
  • As he promised, Brian intends to put Ed’s case to Borchester Land, but he meets with considerable opposition. The Grundy name is not popular with BL’s board. Brian manages to enlist Annabelle’s support, though. She points out that Ed is not a typical Grundy.
  • Jim encourages Daniel to try driving the new car in the paddock, knowing that Shula is out of the way. Daniel has a slight mishap with Shula’s electric fence. Jim offers to take the blame, but Daniel won’t let him.
  • Brian meets considerable opposition to Ed’s request for rented land, but thanks to Annabelle, manages to get his fellow directors to agree to look further at his plans. Brian intends to win.
  • Shula arrives home and is very tight-lipped over Daniel’s mishap with the fence. Her righteous indignation threatens to overwhelm her when Jim cheerfully announces that he and Daniel are off to visit Kenton.

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