Jack has a bad day. Brian has bad news for Peggy.

Radio Times: There’s a cash crisis at The Lodge.

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  • Jennifer is trying to look after Jack while Peggy gets some rest, but is finding it hard. Jack doesn’t realise he’s at home, and fails to recognise first Lilian and then Mike. Lilian takes over from Jennifer.
  • Adam wants Brian to consider increasing the soft fruit production; raspberries and blueberries in more polytunnels. Brian wonders where the tunnels could go, so Adam takes him to look. Adam’s plan would involve applying to divert a footpath. Brian is predictably cynical.
  • Jennifer tells her menfolk about Jack’s bad day, and later Brian warns her there is more bad news, concerning Peggy’s finances. Meanwhile he’s off to fetch Ruairidh.
  • Adam puts a new schedule for nets up in the Bull, and seizes the opportunity to moan about his team’s attitude. Mike is there, and is taken aback but non-committal when Adam wants to know what Roy thinks about Adam’s management of the team.
  • Brian shows Jennifer the figures for Peggy’s investments. While she’s far from destitute, her investments have fallen by 50%, and it appears that she hasn’t taken her financial advisor’s advice, probably because of her stroke. Brian and Jennifer will have to go round and tell Peggy the bad news.

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