Ruth, Jill and Ben make wax polish. Usha waxes lyrical about the joys of camping. Wayne gives a polished performance in the kitchen.

Radio Times: Wayne earns a crust in the kitchens.

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  • Ben and Josh are squabbling, so Ruth suggests that Ben might help to make beeswax polish for the Versatile Bee competition at the Flower and Produce Show.
  • Fallon is short with Sid when he tries to make her take a break; she’s concerned that he’ll be unpleasant to Wayne. Sid tries to call Wayne’s bluff by offering him work in the kitchen – an offer Wayne accepts with alacrity.
  • The beeswax polish is made, and Usha calls with her holiday photos. She claims to have enjoyed camping, but Jill lets it slip that Alan told them at church that he and Usha ended up in a hotel. But Usha sticks to her guns and says she’ll go camping again, only in a bigger tent next time.
  • Wayne shows what he’s made of in the kitchen, to Sid’s annoyance. Fallon points out that he did once work in a bakery. Freda has warmed to her new assistant, and has asked him to continue working with her. Sid can only try to sound pleased.

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