Usha enjoys a bit of luxury at the end; Wayne’s luxury shows no sign of ending.

Radio Times: Fallon changes her allegiance.

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  • Jolene had no idea that Wayne had agreed to go today and she isn’t too happy about it.
  • A wet night on the campsite but Usha knows more about it than Alan. Usha has had enough of mud and prevails upon Alan to go to an hotel for the last day of their holiday.
  • Ed explains his and Mike’s expansion plans to Fallon but she has a less rosy picture to paint. On top of it all her rubbish dad has invited himself to stay, hopefully not for long. Mike has drafted a proposal for Borchester Land, although he admits that actually Brenda did it in the end.
  • Luxury! Usha is revelling in a king size interior sprung mattress. But before the rain and mud Usha really had a lovely time camping though she confesses that she had not looked forward to it.
  • Jolene has talked to Wayne; he is prepared to go but has nowhere to go. If they throw him out now he will be back on the booze and back on the streets. The raised voices attract Fallon’s attention; she also doesn’t think he should go, so it looks as if Sid will have to put up with Wayne until he can stand on his own feet. It could take a while.

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